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Spectrum Land Services Ltd. is able to draw upon many years of oil & gas industry experience in varying capacities to provide its clients with expertise and solutions to a wide range of oil and gas land related matters. Whether you are a mineral fee-title holder wanting to know how an Offer To Lease measures up to surrounding area activity combined with an analysis of the terms tabled, a law firm requiring expert advice for your client, a small start up company requiring assistance in managing its sub-surface assets and well life cycle, or a medium sized or major oil & gas company requiring assistance to undertake an acquisition or disposition of oil & gas assets, Spectrum Land Services Ltd. can help you.

Utilizing our consulting services on either an ad-hoc or a project basis will be sure to provide you the results and efficiency you are looking for from a seasoned oil & gas mineral land consultant. Spectrum Land Services Ltd. provides its land consulting services affecting oil and gas assets situated in Western Canada.

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