Spectrum Land Services is committed to identifying, reliable solutions to meet the needs of our customers, managing risk in a professional and ethical manner and developing strong business relations.

Over the years Spectrum Land Services has had the pleasure to work with a variety of clients.

Some of our clients have graciously provided us with a few Testimonials to reflect the great work we have provided.

After being advised by my accountant that I would owe in excess of $100,000 taxes for my Mothers estate as part of the terminal tax return, I spoke with a friend who referred me to Spectrum Land Services Ltd. As a result of Spectrum Land providing me with a very detailed Mineral Property Reserve Evaluation (NI-51-101 compliant), I was able to save more than $75,000 in taxes. The valuation was very detailed and professional. Dean Gould is easy to talk to and answered all my questions. I would recommend Spectrum Land Services Ltd. to anyone dealing with estates, and terminal tax returns requiring a mineral land evaluation and/or mineral rights.

Susan Hanna – Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Spectrum Land Services Ltd., and more specifically, Dean Gould, has been a priceless asset to Anova Resources Inc. in his role as Land Consultant. His meticulous attention to detail, ability to effectively mediate and negotiate with the most difficult parties, exceptional abilities in drafting and reviewing contracts to ensure they meet the intended objectives, and extensive knowledge in relation to mineral land issues are just a few of the many assets and services Dean provides. However, Dean’s utmost asset is his ability to sort through and disentangle very convoluted matters, providing effective and simple solutions that are conducive to our company’s goals and objectives. Anova often tasks Dean with such matters, and they are always completed in a timely, effective and diligent manner. Dean has been and continues to be instrumental in various key joint ventures and acquisitions at Anova and is an indispensable asset to any organization.

Jordan Lazic – President & CEO – Anova Resources Inc.

Dean Gould was extremely instrumental in resolving a recent royalty issue related to a new lease my family company was negotiating with a large firm. Not being very familiar with the oil & gas industry I was referred to contact Spectrum Land Services Ltd. to assist. Due to Dean’s exceptional work and patience with me, he was instrumental in identifying a long outstanding royalty payment requirement that resulted in our firm recovering a material amount of royalty payments (well over 6 figures). He contacted the land and oil company directly and resolved all the improper and complex royalty percentage calculations in a timely manner. He also helped me to renegotiate a new lease to my great benefit. His knowledge, expertise and professionalism made working with him a pleasure, I highly recommend Spectrum Land Services Ltd. and especially Dean Gould for anyone who needs to review their oil and gas lease or requires good sound advice when dealing with oil & gas companies.

Cathy Laycraft – Director – 519649 Alberta Inc.

In the last 10 years I was involved with 3 major estate liquidations linked with mineral rights assets. Living in a Canadian province (Quebec) with hardly any oil deposits and also with very few mineral rights specialists related with oil, I really felt like I was trying to reach a mountain top with no hope of reaching it. Finally through a Quebec contact I was invited to reach a Regina lawyer who suggested me to contact a Calgary firm (Spectrum Land Services Ltd.) with an excellent professional reputation and to speak to Mr Dean Gould, its President, which I did.

On the first phone call Mr Dean Gould (President) took the time to identify my problem and outlined in detail how he would proceed to solve the mineral rights evaluation requirement. A few hours later Mr Gould forwarded me an e-mail requesting me to provide him with formal data on those mineral rights. From that day forward the evaluation process was ongoing and never thereafter did I have any problems pertaining with the mineral rights evaluations (x3). I really felt that I was dealing with a highly professional person. The evaluation’s due date was fully respected on each of the three occassions, the reports were very accurate, scientifically proven and provided at a decent cost. With such a professional report (x3), I was ready to face any RCA and Quebec fiscal auditors’ questions and answers.

So with such an excellent experience with this firm, I would refer Spectrum Land Services without any hesitations.

Jean Couture – Gatineau, Quebec

Please accept my utmost thanks for preparing the property evaluation of my mother’s mineral rights.

Spectrum Land Services Ltd. was referenced by a law firm who I trusted. I was very pleased with Spectrum Land’s rapid response. They were available by e-mail and phone immediately after my first request. They set out a schedule for the task to be completed and met or exceeded every timeline.

The final property evaluation was a professionally executed document which included a write-up on the rationale and method used for the evaluation along with supporting data which was complimented with an easy to interpret summary, which included diagrams and maps. The detailed information provided me with great insight regarding the property located in the Province of Saskatchewan, Canada.

Spectrum Land Services personal touch in assisting me while dealing with my mother’s estate greatly eased a difficult task. I expect to continue our relationship as the estate proceeds through probate and the expected sale of the properties. I recommend Spectrum Land Services Ltd. without reservation.

Mark Weisse – Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

It was a pleasure working with Dean Gould on the sale of a Canadian oil/gas interest. He was personable, knowledgeable, efficient, and diligent in all aspects of the transaction.

Candy Keysor-Oudman – St. Joseph, Michigan, U.S.A.

When my uncle and I required an experienced and knowledgeable Landman to negotiate a Freehold Mineral Lease on our behalf, I contacted Spectrum Land Services Ltd.

The process of negotiating a lease with a large oil and gas corporation can be somewhat intimidating from a mineral landowner perspective. Dean Gould’s seasoned negotiating skills, dedication to client satisfaction, and attention to detail resulted in obtaining a lease that provided many enhanced terms that were not initially presented.

Having secured the very best lease possible, we will continue to use Spectrum Land Services Ltd. for all future consultation and related work requirements

Rae Brietzke – Calgary, Alberta

Spectrum Land Services Ltd. and Dean Gould were instrumental in resolving a long outstanding royalty issue related to a lease I had granted involving my mineral fee-title ownership. I knew nothing about the business and living many miles away from where the leased lands are situated, I contacted Spectrum Land Services Ltd. to assist. Because of Dean’s fine work I was able recoup over $100,000.00 in royalty monies. He contacted the oil company directly and resolved all the improper and complex royalty percentage calculations in a timely manner. He also gave me good advice on negotiating a new lease to my great benefit. His knowledge, expertise and professionalism made working with him a joy. I highly recommend Spectrum Land Services Ltd. for anyone who needs to review their oil and gas lease or requires good sound advise when dealing with oil & gas companies.

Brian Gill, Mesa, Arizona, USA

I am very pleased with the land consulting services provided to Balfour Moss LLP by Spectrum Land Services. I felt the advice and recommendations provided were thorough, analytical and professional. They were extremely helpful to me in terms of analyzing my clients position and putting me in a very good position to negotiate the best contract for my client.


Dean Gould is a very capable professional landman who I have had the pleasure to both work with and employ. Dean brings a strong work ethic and commitment to each position he undertakes and can be counted on to fulfill his responsibilities admirably. One of Dean’s great strengths is his ability to work with and mentor other, often less experienced employees. These skills in combination make him a valuable contribution to any organization.


Spectrum Land Services Ltd. has been very efficient and instrumental in handling all the various land related matters required by Scavenger Energy GP Ltd. to realize both its near and long-term goals. Dean Gould has provided both knowledgeable insight and sound business advice regarding third party issues, coupled by undertaking definitive action steps that significantly assisted in resolving and remedying strained working relations with joint interest partners. In addition, Dean has demonstrated very strong negotiating and paper skills, having coordinated and successfully closed a number of transactions that were pivotal to Scavenger Energy. I have no problem in recommending Spectrum Land Services to anyone, knowing I will continue to use its services in future.

Raza Hasanie, MSc, MBA, – President – SCAVENGER ENERGY GP LTD.

Spectrum Land Services Ltd. helped us evaluate a Mineral Lease offer and gave us sound advise on how we should proceed. As fee-simple mineral title owners on land that is both far away, and in another country, we needed a voice of experience in sizing up the proposal from an experienced mineral company.

Spectrum Land Services Ltd. steered us in the right direction to protect our interests and secure a fair deal.

Peter Pollock, Boulder, Colorado, USA

We appreciated Spectrum Land Services Ltd. prompt and independent evaluation of our client’s mineral rights.”